Shanon Lee is an emerging sculptor artist investigating the unification of digital technology, traditional fabrication processes, and the natural world to make her work. She is a graduate from Towson University in Towson, MD, having pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Sculpture.


While engaging in her undergraduate career, she has received grants, scholarships, invitations to exhibitions, and in 2018 she was selected as a nominee for the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award with the International Sculpture Center.


In addition to her education and studies at Towson, she found herself an opportunity working as the Object Lab Technician at the Center for the Arts, where she problem solved on a day-to-day basis. Her career as the Lab Technician has definitely influenced her work -- the daily tasks of loading and unloading builds, problem solving files, and assisting the community has inspired her compassion in conceptual building and communication, as well as her precision in fabrication. 

Shanon now resides in Southern Maryland, working in the Aerospace industry, again as an engineering technician. Her current exploration in aviation technology and newfound leadership in the additive manufacturing department has slowly but surely opened up a new window of studies to come. She is looking forward to taking her small studies and investigations to much larger heights and interactions. 

Artist Statement

Material contains an abundance of value. Whether it be sensual, pertaining to the senses, visceral, textural, symbolic or metaphorical, the physicality of material allows a viewer to experience an object in new perspectives. My intent is to give viewers the ability to dive into works that engage with their senses, their curiosity, and take them to a different place. Allowing themselves to retreat from what they know of the material and their individual value, and challenge the ways that material can be represented in new, interactive forms and environments. 

© Shanon Kay Lee